Folder Marker Review

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You probably have many folders on your computer. How can you possibly manage all of them without losing your mind?  Don’t you wish you could just right click a folder and change it’s color? Well if so, you are in luck. Folder Marker does just that. 

All you need to do to mark a folder is right click on it, go to Mark Folder, and choose any color you want. There are dark and light variants of each color. If you dig further, there are lots of other folder icons to explore. You can set the priority of work, and the access level of the work. If you are done with a project, change the folders icon to a check mark.

More icon packs can be found at, but they come at a price. I, being a do it yourself type of person would want to make my own. You can do just that. Simply make your own icons in ICO format and you can create a new tab with the icons you want. Just click Add and browse for an icon.

If you find yourself wanting to remove an icon, the button is clearly labeled Remove. You can clear all the icons out by clicking Clear. It took me a while to find out how to delete a tab. To delete a tab, you have to click the folder icon with an X in the lower left hand corner and press Yes.

If you pay for the software, you can customize the Mark Folder right click menu. Just go to Action > Customize “Mark Folder” Menu. You can change anything you want, and add or remove items too.

One thing that I wish there was a way to do is to rearrange tabs. I have tried dragging the tabs, but they stay in place. I am really picky about how things are laid out, so I would like for them to add that as an option.

You may experience an issue with Folder Marker where it doesn’t mark the folder the first time you choose the color. It will first remove the folders contents from the preview. Then, you will have to choose the color again. If you experience this, restart your computer and the issue should be fixed.

Pros and Cons


  • No complex learning curve
  • Free version available
  • Extra icon packs available
  • Add your own icons


  • Can’t rearrange tabs

The Verdict

If you have lots of folders to manage, a tool like Folder Marker is a great idea, and can be customized to your needs.

  • Quality: Bronze
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Recommended: Yes

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