Silver Key Review

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Uploading files to the cloud can be dangerous. Hackers can steal your information or your cloud storage provider can look at them. If your data is sensitive or identifying, you can use an encryption program to protect yourself. Kryptel has made a program just for this. It’s called Silver Key. 

Silver Key encrypts files with military grade AES encryption. Once the files are encrypted, they are packaged in a parcel file. You can open the parcel file with Silver Key and use your password to decrypt it.

But there may be times where you want to send an encrypted file to somebody that doesn’t have Silver Key. You can do this by creating a self decrypting EXE parcel. The user downloads the file and a dialog will appear asking for their password. Then the file decrypts and the user can access the files. 

There are other useful utilities that come with Silver Key. The main one being a password manager. It isn’t the best, but you can use it to store passwords for encrypted files. This is great if you forget your password a lot. And it is encrypted with the same type of encryption that Silver Key uses. You remember one password and you have them all.

My personal favorite is the Shredder program. You can delete files from your hard drive, but they aren’t really gone. They are just not indexed. What Shredder does is write over a file many times and it gets corrupted. Then, the file gets deleted from the disk.

You can also connect cloud storage to the program and upload and manage encrypted files. It works as if the file was on your computer. You can find this functionality in the WebSilver program.  

I feel like this program is worth every dollar. I could not ask for more. It would be nice to have all the functions in one application together, instead of multiple different executables.

Pros and Cons


  • Package in executable file
  • Secure AES encryption method
  • File shredder
  • Password manager
  • Cloud integration


  • Multiple different apps

The Verdict

  • Quality: Silver
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Recommended: Yes

If you are storing files in the cloud or on flash drives, you should consider getting Silver Key to protect your data.

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